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Happy New Year 2010
Video Clip Posted: Jan. 6, 2010
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Start the New Year off right with a motivational message from Tony!
"It's 2010 so GET UP!! Make a difference...don't fall into the same cycles, the same patterns, and do the same shit that you've done for the last 10 years. Make a change or you'll be just as Fat, just as Broke, and just as F**ked as you've always been....and I mean that in the nicest way!!









Kanye you Need a Babysitter! VMA's with Beyonce
Video Clip Posted: Sept. 17, 2009

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2 Words - Jack-Ass!!
Who let this guy out of the house without supervision? Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you're worthy of making you're own choices. put a baby monitor on this guy!
Kanye West goes up on stage at the VMA Awards on MTV while Taylor Swift is about to give her acceptance speech for her Video Award. Kanye West takes the microphone and basically tells the world that Taylor Swift doesn't deserve the Award.










Rockin Out on a Friday Night!! Bang your Head!
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 2, 2009
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Ever feel like you just need to ROCK? You've got all of this energy inside and you just need to release it! I say let it out and feel the burn baby!! Before Tony goes to work he just needs to Bang his head to some Rock 'n Roll."'s Friday people let's ROCK...I love Rock'n Roll" Let your hair down and Rock with me!!









Tony TV's "Thought of the Day"
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 2, 2009
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Are things really as they seem? Is what we say, what mean to say? Tony ponders the simple things in Life...To Wait or Not to Wait. Tony Televisions Thought of the Day. How do you like my Einstein Hair Do? OMG!!









Happy Valentines Day! Has that ever been true?
Video Clip Posted: February 14, 2010
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Happy Valentines Day? Has it ever truly been happy? It's the most stressful day of the year. Women hope for the best or else they put their contingency plan into effect. The old silent treatment, "You don't respect me! Uh...ok sure whatever!" Men fight the same losing battle ever year. Who's idea was Valentines Day anyway. Here's my input."Very Dumb idea"












Gratuity? Tipping? It's out of Control in this country!
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 24, 2009
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To Tip or Not to shouldn't be a question!! Tony from Tony Televsion talks about Tipping in America. It's out of control...we'll tip for a coffee at Startbucks but we won't tip a bartender or waiter who brings you a free cocktail. What's wrong with people?
Come on now people be respectful of your fellow human being...Waiters and Bartenders have NO Health Benefits or 401K..don't treat them like they like do. If you don't want to tip....STAY HOME!!










Tony Talks Toilets! French Toilets to be Exact
Video Clip Posted: June 30, 2009
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Have you ever used a Toilet in France?'s Crazy!! Who designed these toilets? It would safer to use a bush!
Tony is caught on hidden Camera Talking Toilets...French Toilets to be exact! If you've never been to France...this is some great travelling Information!










Facebook Cancelled my Account! Really? C'mon!
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 9, 2009
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Lesson: Don't put your Assbook on Facebook! All I was doing was showing my domestic side, trying to set a good example for Bachelors around the country who don't clean their living space on a regular basis! OMG I can't believe this .... Face book cancelled Tony Television due to my ASS being posted on the page ... personally i think i have a nice ass ... but i guess it's against Facebook policy to allow ASS postings ... hence the word FACE book .... hey Facebook "kiss my Ass"









The Really Really Late Show
Video ClipPosted: Oct. 9, 2009
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Late Night Coffee with Tony. Having coffee late at night seems to magnify the effects of Tony's brain activity...Scary!! Oh and Tony has 2 special guests on the show and see!!


Help! I think too much!! Make it Stop!
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 21, 2009
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Tony takes the time to discuss his problem of Thinking Too Much. I think non-stop .... my brain is always going ... even when i am asleep ... but talking it out seems to help. It's therapy more than anything. My own personal Self Help Program









The Weather Report
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 21, 2009
Brought to you by TRENZ Las Vegas

Tony TV's Doplar Radar is 2nd to NONE!! Tony's up to the minute Weather Report keeps you in the KNOW!! He's no Meteorologist...but his keen skill of observation is Tony TV for more updates









Jim Rome you're a MUKE!
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 21, 2009
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What's wrong with you bro? Jim Rome Sports Caster and Jim Everett Football Player Get it on.... Fight Night Baby. Jim you're a moron....your job is to report the news not be the news. Why would you taunt this guy...his job...and i repeat "his job" is to kill the really think that table is going to protect you?









Metaphors? Are they really necessary?
Video ClipPosted: Oct. 21, 2009
Brought to you by Fight Labs

"Light at the End of the Tunnel? Let's talk about that!! Is there really Light at the End of the Tunnel? What does that mean? Does it really offer those in need of inspiration a bit of resolve? I don't think so....sound like a load of Sh**!!!









Out for a Drive with Tony. Time for an Italian lesson
Video Clip Posted: Oct. 21, 2009
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On the Road with an annonymous geographical location! Capisce? Get ready for a lesson on Italian culture! Practical information for anyone who might be on the run. People are trying to find Tony feels it's best not to disclose any details of his present location. It's an Italian thing..He's Tony over here! ...and when he's not over here....he's Tony's over there!!



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